The Eigen Brand

This article is not meant to be a manual, a guide, or a collection of marketing-branded deliverables. It can’t be everything but it’s the result of hard work, passion, dedication and countless coffee cups.

Branding is a dynamic, iterative process. While we’re still on this journey, the intent is to provide a retrospective view at some of the decisions we made and the effort to bring incremental value through design as well as a sneak peek at the core elements of our refreshed visual language.

The Opportunity

We launched our new website in October 2021. The Eigen Marketing team worked with Built by Buffalo to give our users a completely new digital experience. It enabled us to enhance the amount of desired actions our website core audiences take while also efficiently complementing our content marketing strategy and SEO efforts.

Delivering a new website was only the beginning of a broader journey for the Eigen brand in the life and growth of a business. It was an opportunity to take some of the website-specific concepts and expand them beyond a digital application, with the goal of refreshing all the foundational identity elements (both internal and external) that impact the entire brand experience.

Generally speaking a brand is defined by individuals, not by companies or markets. Each person creates his or her own version of it. While companies can’t control this process, they can definitely influence it as brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time.

Setting up the foundations

While we’ve decided to keep some of the basic aspects that led us here, we were ready to take a step forward in our visual identity system for a variety of reasons.

  • Improve accessibility on high-res screens
  • Compliment the redesign of our visual hierarchy
  • Visually communicate our tone of voice to a wider audience, whilst still retaining recognition as Eigen Technologies
  • Allow our visual identity system to be more flexible for future applications
Eigen Corporate Idendity
Eigen white paper
Eigen digital tile

The Brand Hub

Brand guidelines dictate the sizes, colors, spacing, and architecture. The Eigen Brand Hub aspires to create a community while sharing the knowledge.

The public resource about our visual story telling in a digital, modern and consistent format for both the Eigen people and new joiners, new designers, internal teams, anyone who wants to learn more about the Eigen Brand, media and investors, clients and partners.

Eigen Brand Hub
A public link to the Eigen Brand Hub will be available soon.

Creative Services

We want the Brand and brand resources to be accessible across the organization; Creative Services is the vehicle to make that happen. We always thrive for design and content to be part of the conversation, as well as assisting the Brand in playing a key role inside business processes.

Eigen Creative Services

About Eigen Technologies

Eigen enables its clients to extract answers quickly and precisely from their documents, so they can better manage risk, scale operations, transform ways of working and navigate dynamic environments. Eigen’s customizable no-code AI-powered platform uses machine learning, natural language processing and object detection to automate the extraction of answers from documents and datasets and can be applied to a wide variety of use cases. It understands context and has proven to be more flexible, accurate and secure with better connectivity and a far faster time to value than alternate solutions.

Our clients include some of the most well- known and respected names in business, including Goldman Sachs, ING, Hiscox, BlackRock and Allen & Overy. Almost half of all global systemically important banks use Eigen to overcome their data challenges.




Italian, coffee addicted Brand Designer based in London.

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Alvaro d'Apollonio

Alvaro d'Apollonio

Italian, coffee addicted Brand Designer based in London.

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